Student Safety

Student safety is of paramount importance to Home Tuition Scotland.

We are a Registered Body with Disclosure Scotland which means that we are accredited by Disclosure Scotland to process PVG scheme membership and scheme update applications. HTS is the only support provider in Scotland which guarantees that every tutor and support worker is a:

1.  Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme member with a recent scheme update

2. is registered with a DSA-QAG recognised/General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTC Scotland) or other relevant professional body

3. Adheres to the Dislcosure Scotland Code of Practice, Patoss Code of Ethics and Conduct and/or GTC Scotland Code Of Professionalism And Conduct (COPAC).

4. Undergoes a stringent recruitment process including a comprehensive interview and reference-checks.


In addition, our tutors will only agree to teach a student if:

1. the tuition takes place in a public place (University library, coffee shop, public library), unless a home visit is specifically requested in writing.

2. there is an adult parent or guardian (over 18) present in the home, if student is in a protected group and/or under 18.

We place student safety above profits. We do not take risks with student safety.

We’re currently lobbying our Governmental and non-governmental partners to implement a licensing system for tuition services in Scotland. Comprehensive legislation should be introduced as soon as possible to ensure all tutoring companies adhere to minimum student safety standards.

Please book with confidence today.

If you would like further information on HTS Protected Children and Adults Policy, please contact us today.