Tutor Testimonials

•    I have worked in education for 7 years and now with HTS for what will now be my third year. During this time I have supported many students across various courses and stages. While I can hand on heart sing the praises of HTS in terms of the induction process, their professionalism and the duty of care shown to their students, I can also honestly say that this has been a most rewarding and enjoyable role for me.

CS, study assistant and study skills specialist tutor.

A full induction process helps get the year started and sets out expectations and roles in a clear manner. The way work is arranged is very flexible and fits in very well with my other commitments and I am free to accept or decline clients if scheduling does not work or there is any other reason I am unable to support a student – for example if they needed specific support with a condition I am not trained for. I cannot express strongly enough just how rewarding this work is. We work with students from such a wide range of backgrounds and with a wide range of complex needs and to help support these students throughout their learning journey makes this work both vital and exciting and we can make a very real difference to people’s learning experience.

CB, study skills specialist tutor.

I have enjoyed working with Home Tuition Scotland over the last year.  HTS have allocated me a range of students across a variety of courses and institutions and the work has been rewarding as I have met some wonderful learners and worked closely with them to pursue their educational goals.  Liaising with HTS has been amicable and uncomplicated and communication, has always been prompt. It has been reassuring to know that there are staff available to advise on issues which occasionally crop up with students.  I am looking forward to meeting new learners this year and for many years to come

RC, SpLD Assessor and study skills specialist tutor

Working for HTS has been very rewarding experience for me.  I have found the students allocated to me have been a good fit to my skills and abilities. 
Communication between me and the office staff is swift, informative and respectful. I have loved the flexibility of working with HTS and this is an advantage for me, as it fits around my other commitments very well. All in, a professional organisation. 

MD, Mental Health Mentor.